Why you need to know about Google Rank Brain

With the end of the year 2015, Google ranking algorithms were no longer run by humans. Google made an amazing announcement that company would be now relying on the powerful AI system for the development of their search algorithms to deliver the best results. So since the end of 2015, Google has been using RankBrain to process search results. RankBrain works in conjunction with Google’s search algorithm to deliver the most relevant organic search results. Over the past few months, a substantial percentage of Google queries were handled by RankBrain yet many of us even don’t have noticed anything about it and did not find any difference. However the fact remains fact that RankBrain is considered as the third most important factor in the ranking algorithm. Now the question is what has made it be the third important factor in the ranking algorithm. For this, it is important to know how RankBrain works and why Google use RankBrain.


In the simplest term, Google RankBrain is defined as the artificial intelligence system that is used by Google. In fact, it is termed as a brain of the Google who cannot think but yes knows the future. Google used this intelligent system with its search engine algorithms to provide better results to user queries. Basically, RankBrain work is helping refine queries that Google processes and also help to rank web pages. You may be wondering what exactly the RankBrain do. Actually, for this, you need to understand the way it works. Every search words or keywords, that you enter into the Google search engine is converted by RankBrain to qualitative figures so that it is understood by a machine. Ii works efficiently beyond anybody’s imagination. It uses mathematical procedures like semantics and vectors to learn about the people’s search pattern and tries giving better meaning to search queries. Isn’t it wonderful? That Google itself is learning a lot about our trends and search patterns to understand the users’ intent so that it could deliver an appropriate result to its user. Many people think and create an assumption that this RankBrain is an algorithm. But in reality, it is not really. It can be defined as an addition to the search engine algorithm of Google, also popularly termed as Hummingbird. It is very surprising to know the Google engineers who work on Google RankBrain does not know how it works. But according to many research and study, it is said that it works excellently. For an example, Google RankBrain focuses on the entire search session instead of focusing on the specific keywords or a phrase. Searcher normally uses synonyms and words that are relevant to what they are searching. Like how to grow your business with SEO or SEO tactics for a successful business or may use any other related keywords. So in the searching process session, Google RankBrain will start presenting all the relevant pages from the first search to any number of searches including the pages that even don’t match the keywords but yes provides the relevant information that the user is searching for.


This is why Google Rankbrain is called an intelligent system. With the popularity of its work, the question how effective was it also rose immensely. Because of this, it is said that Google engineers competed against RankBrain for its effectiveness. Both of them had to guess which search pages would rank at the search of the Google search results. The result clarified that RankBrain had correctly guessed almost 80% of the time while the engineers could make only 70% of the time. So this proved that RankBrain is very effective and there is no doubt that lots of improvements have been seen in search results with Google RankBrain.