Why paid advertising is important?

Why paid advertising is important?

Today, organic traffic is important and so is paid traffic. Because if nobody finds your products and services online, paid advertising is your another go to source of gaining traffic.

Paid advertising is one of the great ways to expose your company to the large audience, gain a lot of traffic and make more business. With paid advertising, you should pay the owner of ad space and use that ad space for advertising your product and company. Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Pay-Per-Impression (PPI) and banner ads are some examples of such type of advertising. Paid ads can be seen on Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and other various platforms.
As people are constantly searching different products and services on the web, promoting your products and services on various platforms is very important for your business. Here, we will discuss on why every business should make consider using paid advertisement to attract and grab the attention of the prospects.


Higher traffic

Paid ads generate twice as many clicks as organic SEO. Using such ads, you can reach a wide audience which can help to bring in a lot of traffic.This is why it is considered as best form of online advertisement.

When you can create paid ads, you can target audiences in various ways depending on location, gender, education and interests. If your ads are relevant and effective, you can get results in no time. When your ads are featured on Google, Bing or other relevant websites; your traffic will increase in a large numbers as the visibility of your ads increases.

Immediate visibility

PPC campaign can be set up very easily within few hours. This makes it easy for you to get your products and websites listed in the first page of main search engines after the activation of you ads.

Maintain control

Whenever you create a paid advertising campaign, you will have complete control on your budget, location, schedule and device specific preferences. This means you can target your ads to the specific locations any place of the world. You can also choose specific days and times of the day that you want your ads to run. This way, you will know exactly where your money is going, when your ads are being run and where your ads are delivered.

Higher targeted ads

As mentioned earlier, paid ads can be targeted to a particular audience category. So, when such ads are displayed in the search engine result pages (SERPs), you can test, optimise and track them for maximum efficiency as per your choice. Measuring their performance can allow you to identify and use keywords and campaigns that boost conversions for your business.

Brand awareness

Every business needs to create its own brand. Doing effective branding helps people to remember your brand. When you do paid advertising, your ads will be seen in the search engines like Google where it can be viewed by a lot of people. As a result, they are also likely to remember your brand even though they do not visit your site.

 Wide reach and relevance

When anyone has some query about anything, they first search it in Google. Why? Because it gives the most relevant search results as it has the highest relevancy rate due to its advanced algorithm. In the same way, Google’s sponsored ads are highly regarded as relevant which can prompt visitors to click on them. Thus, advertisers can use this to their advantage and target relevant ad text to receive relevant traffic to their site from the right places.

Test your ads

The best part about paid advertisement is that it allows you to test your ads. It provides a great testing ground for your featured ads of products and services. This means you can actually measure which keyword is more popular over time and which are not worth doing advertisements. Measuring the performance of the keywords will help you to make effective keyword strategy which can include selecting various key phrases for improving your conversion.


Paid advertising can help you get a lot of business and provides ROI only if you do it right. So, if you do not have experience on this type of advertising campaigns, it is best to take guidance from the PPC experts.