Why Link Building is Important?

Link building is simply the process of getting links to your website from other high quality and relevant website. In return, this process helps your website to rank higher in major search engines. It is a skill that you need to develop over time.

Here are some useful points that can help you know why link building is important in today’s date.

It helps you get indexed. Search engines crawl through websites to find out what is relevant and new. If you can get a link from a regularly crawled website, it helps your website to be found by these crawling spider bots. If the spider bots find your website, they add it to their database and return your site on search result pages. Your site could be on the hundredth result but this is the first step of SEO.

It is the best way to improve search visibility. Once you get indexed by Google, you add high quality links over time. A good quality link is a like a good vote to your website. It shows the search algorithm that you are being referred to by high quality sites. More number of quality referrals means your site is recognized as a good quality website. As a result, this ranks you higher on SERP improving your search visibility.

It helps in brand exposure. When your site is ranked higher, you have more audience. When people search for related results, the prospect of them landing on your site becomes higher. This way, more people will know about your products and services giving your brand recognition and high chances of getting prospective clients.

Relationship building and link building go hand in hand. You need to be conscious that you’re representing a company or a brand or a service in the face of your website. So, you have to be very careful not to create a bad impression. That’s why you need to link to the relevant websites only so that only the relevant websites will link to you. This exchange of good links is the best kind of links and is valued. It helps you build relationships with parallel brands and their audience.

It is an optimising opportunity. Before the Google Penguin Update of 2014, Google did not have a very good sense of good and bad links. If you were engaged in SEO at that time, chances are you have a pile of unsuitable links. If you want to rank up in SERP and not get your website penalized by Google, you need a link clean-up. Remove the unnecessary bad and spammy links. You have to send positive signals to Google by keeping only good quality links and gradually build up more good quality links. This helps your website shine on search results more than ever.

In a nutshell, link building has become an important factor in today’s online marketing. It helps your website to be recognised as a valuable source of information. You may have noticed how we kept repeating “quality”. It doesn’t mean quantity is nothing. We only encourage you to build more links but they should be of high and reliable quality. If you’re not building good quality links, you’re leaving a gaping hole in your SEO strategy.