Why is Responsive Design Important?

With the number of mobile and tablet users soaring high, the rise of the responsive design is also inevitable. So, if you haven’t got a slightest idea on what exactly responsive design is, we have got some basic details for you.

A responsive web design is a design that allows a website to be fitted to the screen size it is viewed on. This means all of the content and images in your responsive design website will be displayed according to the screen size of the devices.

There are many good points of having a responsive design website. Firstly, having a responsive design allows a better and faster user experience which can lead a positive experience on the users. As a result, they will not go anywhere else for the products and services you are giving out and can lead them to buy from you.

Second of all, responsive sites work in all types of devices and provide high chances to support the future devices too. In addition, responsive websites require less support which only saves your time and money.

Apart from this, Google uses mobile friendliness as one of the factors for ranking the websites in the Google search. Today, the websites with a responsive designs rank higher in the largest search engines like Google. This is why a responsive design is also very important factor in creating an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy.

If you aren’t using such responsive designs for your website, you are probably lagging behind your competitors. This is why it is best you have a responsive design website to ensure you are not losing your potential customers to your competitors.

In the past, websites were created mainly for the desktop users. However, today, mobile internet usage is increasing faster so it is only a matter of time it will take over the traditional desktop users. Thus, the responsive design is a must.

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