What we do?

Web Design (HTML & CSS)

We have a dedicated team of experienced designers who can make website that suits your business. With their HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript skills, anything is possible in web. With their deliberate efforts, we now own a rich library of website templates from where you have plenty of options to choose from. If our library isn’t enough for your requirements, we can also execute a custom web design project. If you want any special feature in your website or if you want to copy any of your competitor’s site, just let us know. Our web designers can make anything.

Responsive Design

With the rapid growth of mobile users and progression of big screens, the idea of creating a website that fits a single screen size is long gone. If you have a website, it has to be responsive to all screen sizes. A non-responsive website won’t display correctly on all screen sizes and will affect your conversion rate. Even the search engines prefer responsive websites. All of our templates are responsive by default, but if you have any special requirements, we are ready to help.

Ecommerce Solutions

When 80% of customers shop online, who doesn’t want an online store! Having an Ecommerce website will not only increase your sales but also helps you in expanding your online reach through social media. An Ecommerce website with a properly executed SEO campaign is the best you can do to increase your online business. We have been developing ecommerce website for a long time now and have a plenty in our library. If you want new/extra features in your ecommerce site, please let us know.

Search Engine Optimization

Having a website is not enough, not when you have competitors. If you want business from your website, it has to be on top of your competitors on search engine results page. That is why if you have a website, you have to roll out a SEO campaign. We excel in executing custom SEO campaign depending on the competition of your industry, nature of your keywords and your requirements. We have a dedicated team of SEO experts with unmatched talent to improve the performance of your website in search engines.

PPC Advertisements

PPC Advertisements is an alternative or supplement to SEO. Since SEO takes time, setting up a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign shows immediate results and drives traffic to your website. With a well-organized PPC campaign, you can advertise your website on search engine results page, social media and other websites. You will be charged if someone actually clicks on the advertised link. Our PPC experts are certified and can help you boost your internet marketing campaign by setting up an effective PPC account.

Social Media Optimization

It’s very true that social media can increase your online reach, find more clients and help build a brand, but only if you know how to use it. Managing a social media for your business is different than managing your personal social media accounts. Since social media for business is a lot more than updating status, uploading pictures and gathering likes, you need to have a distinctive skill set to get the most from social media promotion. Here at WDi, we have social media experts who can optimize your social media accounts so that you can get all the juice from it.

Domain Registration & Web Hosting

If you are new to web and are wondering where to start an internet marketing campaign, we can give you a jump start. We will find a valuable domain name for your business; a name that is valuable in terms of SEO. Just let us know about your business and requirements and our domain experts will get on to it. We also offer affordable web hosting solutions with the best uptime and around-the-clock support. Call us immediately before somebody else books the best domain name for your business.