Top 7 Prerequisites of High Quality Websites

The quality of your website can either make or break your business motive. High quality websites are ranked higher by Google search engine making it a significant part of the SEO campaign.

Here, we discuss some key elements that will help make the quality of your websites better.

1. High quality content

Your website needs content that will engage your audience. It should be relevant and must have information that is contextually useful to the visitors. You must focus on appropriate use of keywords, orgininality and length of content and subject matter equally, and proofread the material. You must avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors too. All of these factors can lead your visitors to stay on your page longer and keep coming back for more.

2. High quality links

Links greatly affect the position of your website. Your link structure should be relevant and sincere. If you’re linking to unrelated sites, Google can penalized your site so always link to the related external source only. As high quality links are hard earned,Google recognizes this effort and makes your website better.

3. Multimedia

It is very true that involving multimedia in a website will only enhance the user experience. Users feel more engaged in posts accompanied by a related image or video or infographics. The quality of that multimedia should be good because normally, they will prefer one high quality image on your website rather than 10 blurry ones.

4. Website trustworthiness

The information on your website must be trustworthy. The facts on it should be valid for which you need to have a lot of expertise in related matter. It doesn’t mean that only technical websites are meant to be high quality sites. Even if you’re just documenting your daily life and posting it in a blog, your content should not give any false implication.

5. User friendly design and navigation

When it comes to website designs, less is more. If you clutter your website with too many flashy graphics, users will only get lost in your site. Your website should be professional and tasteful. Content placement should be such that users find the information easily. It should be clear to the user which parts of the website has the main content, secondary content, supplementary content, ads, tools etc. Formatting parameters like bold letters, italic letters, sentences, paragraph spacing and headings and so on should be structural and visually appealing.

6. Fast page load speed

You cannot achieve visitors to client conversion when you can’t even get proper visitors. Even if your website has the best design with great content and links incorporation, it won’t matter if you have slow page load. This can result in a poor user experience. This is why you should ensure your web hosting solution is of high quality. Even though a good hosting solution may cost you more money, it is worth the investment.

7. Good quality of comments

The comments from visitors you get on your page also affects the way Google perceives the quality of your website. High number of comments is considered as high quality. However, some visitors may drop in unrelated or spammy messages in your comment section.You should regulate your website by removing such spams, junk links and irrelevant comments. Having constructive, thoughtful and substantial comments from visitors will help classify your website as high quality.

You need a fusion of all the above points to construct a high quality website. It will help you get better rankings in Google search results. Conversely, Google is constantly updating its algorithm. This means all these prerequisites of high quality website may not be applicable in the future.You need a strong and experienced team to foresee Google algorithm changes. Get in touch with our SEO experts to ensure you get a high quality website that stands the test of Google.