Top 6 SEO Tips for Ecommerce Sites

Want to drive more traffic and conversions for your ecommerce site? Well, for that, you first need to be found out by your potential customers. And, with best SEO practices, you can certainly achieve that goal. However, you also need to remember that search engine optimisation for ecommerce sites can be tough.

This is why in this post, we will be discussing some great ideas that can help to develop a customised SEO strategy to improve the visibility of your online store.

Optimise keyword

While optimising your site, you should research and find keywords for your homepage and product pages based on relevancy, search volume and competition. To find such keywords, you can use Google Keyword Planner tool.

Without relevant and optimal keywords, your site will have less chances of positive results. So, it is best not to go after highly competitive keywords because it may take long time to get high rankings. Another important thing to remember is to avoid repetitive keywords and use keyword variations when optimising your site.

Unique product description

Try using duplicate content and your effort will go in vain. That’s because having duplicate content leads you to degrade your ranking in search engines. Normally, in most of the ecommerce sites, all the product descriptions are same which is used over and over again. You shouldn’t just copy manufacturer’s product description but create unique description for every product. Finally, you should check all the content once again to ensure it doesn’t matches with other sites.

Share in social media

Today, most of the people use social media networks to research for products they want to buy. That’s why promotion your e-commerce sites in social media channels can be very effective to reach a wider audience. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram, all these social networks allow you to share your products and engage with your users. Over time, social signals coming from your site also helps search engines to know about your brand’s value.

Genuine and positive reviews

Normally, when we search for the products we want to purchase, we look for the product features, brand, price and the reviews. Yes, the reviews! The genuine and good reviews coming from the satisfied customers.

If your site doesn’t have any reviews, you will not be able to attract a lot of customers. Moreover, search engines also give value to the sites that add fresh content consistently. And, the best way of doing this is to encourage your loyal customers to post reviews on each product page.

Better user experience

User experience is an important factor for the popularity of your online store. In fact, most of the searches are done by the mobile devices. For this reason, you site should have simple navigation buttons that can help people to move around easily in your site.

Another way to improve your user experience is by reducing site’s loading time. You can do it by reducing the size of images and ensuring to have a responsive design.

Check site errors

Site errors are the one of the major factors that annoys your customers. The frequent error encountered is 404 error pages. When your visitors get directed to these pages, they may never come back to your site again. Thus, it is important you use Screaming Frog or Google Webmaster Tools to ensure your site is free of errors. When you do this, it certainly helps a lot in improving your search engine optimisation.