Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors 2016


The primary aim of search engines is to list out and display the most relevant result regarding its user search query. It requires search engines to rank a particular site or content on the basis of various factors. These factors may not be the exact ones but various researches carried out by experts suggest they play a key role for achieving a better ranking.

We have accumulated a list of factors that surely affects the SEO rankings.


Keywords are like the guide which lets search engines know about the content of your site. Your title tags should possess main keyword. Likewise, meta description is another important factor so include keyword in the description but make sure not to abuse them.
Talking about keywords, using it in the content is vital also but using them too much can be harmful. That’s why you always need to ensure the keywords exist where it is relevant.

Social signals

As social networks continue to increase, frequently shared content on such platforms tends to increase rankings of your site. Active participation in major social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin helps to engage your target audiences which results linking back to your site. Moreover, these social signals are regarded as qualitative factor for ranking since it drives significant amount of traffic to your site.


Good ranking site has a positive relationship with the content. Researches had shown that highly ranked sites had rich text, infographics and other additional media to captivate audience. As people continuosly look for relevant and unique content, search engines always ranks authoritative and informative contents first relevant to their search queries.
Duplicate content also harms your site’s rankings so always avoid duplicate content. Additionally, you should also keep on updating your fresh content in order to engage your audience.


Backlinks are the most important ranking factors because search engines emphasise on backlinks from authoritative sites. Large number of linking domains to your site indicates higher probability of ranking in search engines. Authority of a linking domain and page rank of linking page has positive impact on your site. Moreover, large number of links from a particular domain or page indicates a spam, so it’s wise to diversify links. Similarly, the links from a homepage of a linking domain gives more value than those on its pages.

User experience

These days, lots of visitors use various devices. Among them, most of them are mobile device users. That’s why mobile optimised sites or responsive sites are considered as one of the factors for ranking a site.
Besides that, fast loading sites search engines also prefer faster loading sites. Hence, we suggest you to optimise your images, CTAs, and structures to provide great experience to the users.