Top 5 SEO Benefits of a Responsive Design

If you ask anyone on what device they browse the internet everyday? The common answer would probably be on their smart phones and tablets. This means it is very vital for all the business owners to have a professional website that works on all the devices. Ignore this and your business will do you no good.

In case if you are wondering what can make your website work across all the devices, you need to know about the responsive web design (RWD). Responsive design allows the visitors to view of all your site’s content in a readable way in whatever device they use.

Such responsive design attribute also plays an important role when doing search engine optimisation for improving your site’s rankings. So, what are the SEO benefits that such type of web design offers? We have a listed a number of them right here.

Ranking factor

Google loves responsive designs. When you have a responsive designed website, your rankings and traffic can improve in mobile search. This makes it another reason on why it needs to be incorporated in your SEO strategy.


Generally, people come back to those websites who they like and find easily accessible. For the easy accessibility from any devices, a responsive designed website does the trick. Having a responsive design website allows your users to get access to your site from any devices they use and provide user-friendly experience.

On the other side, if your site is non-responsive then, it has high chances of suffering from high bounce rate and thus low rankings.

Easy maintenance

When you have a responsive site, you usually have a one URL to focus on. This make it easier for you to put the SEO efforts on a single URL and maintain page authority.


Link building is considered as one of the most important but daunting tasks of online optimisation. For this task, responsive design plays a huge part. In such web designs, the link-building activity done on the main site also converts to your mobile site naturally.

Duplicate content

If you are worried that your mobile version site will be hit by Panda ( Google Algorithm) for duplicate content, you don’t have to. This is because Google claims that it won’t be affected by Panda. But to your dismay, it may sometimes attract visitors to the wrong version that they don’t intend to visit.

With the constant rise of mobile users around the world, it is safe to say that the responsive design is the face of the digital marketing today. If your site is not responsive, get started immediately to be ahead of your competition.