Things to avoid while designing a website

We all know that web design trends take over the industry by surprise. We have already published another blog about popular web design trends of 2016. If you haven’t read it, we recommend you to take a look.

As the web design trend hits the industry, more seasoned designer won’t fall for it without a second thought. On the other hand most people easily accept the new trends without even knowing how it works.

Here are few things to consider following a web design trend.

  • Misuse of fonts:

Many designers lean toward specific fonts like Helvetica or future, often because they can make a web page attractive and are considered safe.

Other fonts like cosmic sans and Papyrus are considered unsafe because they were everywhere on the internet at a certain time in the past.

The font choices should help to communicate about the product whenever text fails to catch the reader’s attention.

But people tend to think quite the opposite.

A good web designer always looks for a perfect font combination that adds life to the web page.  Sometimes, even a regular typeface can bring the website to its full potential, if done properly.

If you see the same Helvetica all over the website, be assured that it was probably designed by a newbie.



  • Minimalistic:

Ofter than sometimes, a minimalism design has been proven to work rather than cluttered websites where the menus and buttons are everywhere. But for minimalism to work, a product has to be viable and appealing.


Let’s take an example of a picture of a house. If one of the pictures is in HD resolution and the second one is in old black and white, which one would you choose?

So if a design has to be minimalistic, try to achieve it without any sacrifice in user experience.

A car without its heavy metal covering, doors, extra seats and safety features would run faster than the one with all of these solutions implemented, but that would increase road accidents and numbers of death.



  • Too cluttered designs:

The function of web design is to make a website function better and attract customers.  Adding something than you don’t need is probably going to make your website cluttered with menus and sub-menus.

The primary goal of a website is to sell something, not implementing cutting edge functionality out there.

If your website fails to grab any attention of customers, your web design will be meaningless.

Both over simplified and eye-candy designs do more harms than good.



  • Full-screen image or videos:

This is another bad design trend to avoid. Having a full-screen image is not entirely a bad thing, but it’s already been done too much. This design is doomed to death. It’s even harder to distinguish your website from the other.

It’s too much repetitive. 9 out of 10 websites you visit follow this design trend.

Nonetheless, if you already make up your mind, don’t forget to add crucial details about you, so that you customers would have a clear idea about what they are looking at.



  • Too much responsive design:

This is a web trend that has been too much attention over the last few years. It’s actually a good thing to include this on your website when it works, and disaster if it doesn’t.

A bad responsive design can easily bring you down to your knees. When this design is implemented, it’s crucial to follow human behavior, and anticipate what you expect from a customer. Never go for a responsive design just because you can. Insted, go for a separate mobile optimised website if you can.

It’s generally a good idea to implement responsive design only if you don’t have enough budget for a separate mobile optimised website. Google loves mobile optimised website.

A worst responsive design placement can make it hard to see the actual services and the unique selling point of your products.



  • Going after perfection:

You will never achieve that perfection, due to time and money you require to pour into it. Unless it’s specific need, it’s best not to design beyond “good enough”.  As perfection is barely achievable in this modern world, going after it is not better than focusing on utilising the best means at hand, to achieve your goals and at a bare minimum investment, you can.



  • Artistic:

Website design is not about art, but about implementing your internet marketing solutions. The art, if implemented, should be in support of the primary solution.

A designer works in a service to a solution of a specific problem like web design, whereas artist’s main concern is about the expression of human emotions. To an artist, everything else is secondary.

People browse the internet to look for services or information. They wouldn’t care how your website looks. If it can provide them what they are looking for, it should be enough.

The solution has to make sense and should be implemented with the sole purpose of solving your problem.

It’s not glamor, nor is an art.

Avoid being too artistic on the web design or you will be ignored.