SEO Predictions for 2016

Like every year, there are some SEO trends that will dominate the whole year. As 2015 has already gone by, it is that time of the year again where old and new trends will lead the web.

If you are wondering what SEO trends will be this year, read on these predictions that will be major hit in 2016.

Mobile users will soon surpass the desktop users. Even though mobile users had already dominated the desktop users in terms of search volumes and traffic on 2015, it will still be a huge thing in 2016. This is why businesses should opt for mobile-friendly websites to be ahead from their competitors.

Schema will be a very important factor in SEO in 2015. When you use this type of mark up in your website, it will help the major search engine like Google to display results with better information. So, if your website is not making use of this type of mark-up, make sure do it right away.

Videos will be as important as standard text content in 2016. According to the stats, video content gets more engagement than the plain text content. Thus, it’s time to get your video content ready and upload it on Youtube to improve the ranking of your website.

Local SEO will be more focused in 2016 and will be even more important for the coming years. This means marketers and businesses should use specific location search keywords in their website to increase their ranking and user engagement.

Voice search will become prominent mostly due to the growth of mobile usage. So, it is important you optimise your content which can be easily available with voice searches.

Social indexing will grow significantly this year. Prior to the deal finalised by the Google with Twitter and Facebook, the social posts will soon carry the same value as the independent web pages. As a result, the terms social media and web will hardly become distinguishable from one another.

Here you have it, the SEO predictions that can dominate the web in 2016.