How to promote your content

How to promote your content

If you are hoping to get a lot of traffic from just developing a piece of high-quality content, think twice. If want to know why? Then, it is simply because the content development is not enough and doesn’t do much help to get attention from your visitors. To get the maximum exposure, you need to put the same amount of effort on promotion which you use when writing the content.
Promoting can be very tricky. If done incorrectly, it may not help you achieve results you aim for. So, most importantly, it is about having a right kind of promotion strategy that reaches out to large number of people frequently.
Today, here we will share some of the major techniques to help you do that.



When you create a high-quality content, the next step is to make sure it gets found on the search engines. If your content is not found on the SERPs, it is surely as non-existent on the web.
Firstly, you should start with the task of keyword research to find the best phrases that describes your content. Google’s keyword planner tool will help you to find various keywords and long tail key phrases with good search volumes. You need to ensure to optimise your title tag and meta description with relevant keywords. When you do so, it will help search engines to find your content faster.

Email marketing

After you publish your new content in the form of articles or blogs or infographics, you need to notify your email list about it. For this, your mail should contain catchy titles with short description and a link. You can use Google’s URL builder to create a tracking url while you update your email signature to include a link to new content. When you send such emails to your list, all of them may not click on the links but some will open, read and share your content. Thus, it is important for you to grow your email list in order to benefit from the email marketing in the long haul.
The best way to grow the email list is to have a signup form in each blog and other landing pages as well. Having such form can influence the visitors to subscribe you.

Social media

We do not have to tell you about the power of social media marketing, do we? So, let it get straight to the point. You need to post updates in the social networks like Facebook. Twitter, Linkedin, Google + and many other. As such channels have high engagement and reach, make sure you frequently share your blogs or any other related things. You can also get involved in social groups to share your content and can engage with other people in your industry.
When you are socially active, you will be able to engage with your followers. Consequently, this can help to form a relationship and can influence them to share your content. You can schedule variations of your update to learn what’s best to your audience for continuous exposure.

Find influencers

Find and reach out to the influencers who already have created a mark in your niche industry. You can use Followerwonk or Technorati to find them and convince them to share your content to their audiences. Reaching out to online publication and persuading to link to your content would also be great but it’s very difficult one to get.
Remember not to contact them through emails on a regular basis. As doing so may only irritate them and urge them not to share any of your content. The bottom line is to build a relationship with the valuable influencers first.

Paid promotion

Paid promotion can boost the exposure of your content across a large number of audiences. Google AdWords or Bing Ads are good platforms to run your ads to drive traffic to your content.
These advertising options are the quickest way to attract people to your content. You can pay for ad space on websites which serve similar audience to drive quality traffic to your content. You shouldn’t go on paying for the advertisement of every piece of your content. That’s why you need to decide wisely which content is going to achieve your goals and then only spend your budget on them.



If you want your content to get maximum exposure, you should use these tips in your content promotion method and give it a go. You will definitely see positive results and get ROI over time.