How to Pick a Best Domain Name


If you’re thinking of starting internet marketing for your business, you need to have a website first. Building a website is not possible without a domain name as this name will represent your site online. This is why choosing a right domain name is very important.

Choosing a domain name is one of the most challenging steps because it isn’t easy like before. Therefore, before you choose a one, you need to consider some points.


Pick few keywords

When searching for domain names, do a brainstorm and research first to come up with at least five keywords that best represent your website. After that, you should make a list and match with appropriate words to create best domain names.

Make a unique domain name

Having a unique domain name will help the visitors to remember your name easily. For instance, registering your own name as a domain name can be a good idea if you are promoting your own brand. However, you should always avoid using an exact or similar name that is already associated with established brands.

Make it short and memorable

Short names are the best because they are easy to type and remember. When you have short domain names, anyone can easily remember and be able to share with their friends. Consequently, this helps in building referrals and word of mouth marketing as well.


Make it easy to spell and type

A domain name must be easy to spell for which a simple name does the trick. If it is easy to spell, it will be obviously easy for the visitors to type and remember too. Another important thing is not to use words with multiple spellings because this might pose an obstacle for the customers to find your site. As a result, you may lose a large chunk of marketing value for your site.


Neglect hyphens and numbers

In order to be unique, using hyphens and numbers in a domain name can usually create confusion to the visitors and they may not reach your site. This can result in site’s poor rankings so you always need to avoid them.


Choose a proper domain name extension

There are different suffixes like .com or .net at the end of web addresses which are called extensions. Among them, .com is the most preferred extension because it is easy to remember and also helps to build your brand in the long run. So, search for a .com before you look out for other TLDs available.


Inquest your domain name

Before you register the name, you must ensure that the name you have selected isn’t trademarked, copyright or being used by any other company. If you happen to infringe on another’s site trademark, it may result in massive legal mess which is certainly not pleasing for your company.


Don’t go after trends

Trends come and go. They don’t last for long so choose a classic name that will always be around. With a classy name, you will also be able to establish your brand.


Be quick

Don’t forget that the first impression of your business will be through your domain name. They sell very quickly as they are not so expensive and domain registration can be done very easily.  So, register your favorite domain names as soon as possible.