How to manage a PPC Campaign

Pay per click advertising commonly known as PPC is one of the effective ways of marketing which has taken the online world with storm. This type of advertising is mainly popular among the most marketers purely because of its reliability, measurable steam of sales, quick response and flexibility. However, PPC can be costly so it needs to managed properly to ensure the money spent on is worth it.

To help you manage your PPC campaign, we have accumulated a list of points just for you all the marketers out there.

Learn about your business goals and targeted clients

Before you start making a PPC campaign, you should learn about your business goals and target audiences. If you rush things and do go ahead without understanding these things, you are bound to focus on wrong keywords which will hardly make any conversions. Therefore, it is important to first understand the objectives and target audiences of your business before starting your campaign.

Know your max CPA target

Budget can be set as maximum CPA or averages amount. You should have ideas of both of these budgets to set up your overall budget. If you do not determine this‚ you may not be able to receive a great ROI for your business.

Track your conversions

If you fail to track of your conversions, you cannot measure your success of your PPC campaign. This is why it is mandatory to set up conversion tracking to monitor the performance of your ads and keywords frequently and get insights.

Optimise your ad-copy

When you are optimising your ad-copy, you need to input keyword-optimised interesting URL, titles and body text that clearly highlights the unique selling point of your business. Moreover, there should also easy calls to action (CTAs). All of these can persuade your potential customers to click on your ad and improve your conversions.

Watch out for negative keywords

It is best to do negative keywords research regularly to ensure you do not spend your precious money on the unwanted keywords. When you do negative keywords research, you can easily find out variations of negative keywords and avoid them.

Managing PPC campaigns is not a simple job but it does work if you know how to use it. And, if you miss any of the above points, you won’t get desired positive results so always keep them in mind while managing your PPC campaign.