How to make a good landing page

Landing pages is one of the important elements that help to drive a lot of traffic to your sites. This is because it is your landing pages that lets your visitors decide whether to browse or leave your site immediately. So, what exactly needs to be included in a landing page in order to attract and retain the attention of visitors? Here, we have a list to help you that.

Keyword focused headline

The headline of a page is what a visitor notices at the first glance. It’s important to maintain the claim of keyword from the search result page. It should also be able to assure your visitor that it is the right place for getting what they desire for. Therefore, your H1 tag must contain keyword and similarly other headings should contain variations of keyword. This way, the search engine can determine the relevancy of your content to the search query and suggest your site to the visitors.

Proper content hierarchy

Content hierarchy is the arrangement of contents on the basis of categories and its usefulness. Since most of the visitors just scan the content, having hierarchical content will make it easier for the visitors to go through the page easily. Eventually, it will help to engage the visitors and convert them into customers over time.

Clear visibility

Page with lots of stuff makes your landing page look crammed. The pitfall to this is it may distract your visitors and they may not visit your site again. Thus, it is important to keep your page clean and tidy to ensure the content is scannable and readable.

Call to action

The purpose of call to action is to tell visitors what they should do next. Messages such as “Click Here” and “Call Now” are the examples of it. If a visitor wants to carry a deal with your business, it tends to encourage them.

Evaluation and improvement

After the finalisation of your landing page, the most important task is to evaluate and make improvements to your page as per the result you obtain from evaluating. You will be able to know whether the feature of your page is able to bring traffic and leading to conversions or not. When you have these insights, you can take necessary actions for the improvement of your site.