How to Increase Your Website’s Rankings

If you have a business and want to make it big on online, you should definitely go for SEO. With the right techniques, you will probably get the visibility, increase rankings and drive traffic to your site over time. So, which techniques should be used exactly for the maximum effect? Here, we are bringing you some of the best used tips by the experts.

Optimising for users

Search engine uses title tag for displaying a page in search result as this tag lets the search spiders understand what your page is about. Google also displays only 50-60 characters or 512 pixels wide so you need to keep the title up to that limitation. If the title is optimised properly and relevant to the search query, users are more likely to click. Therefore, it is very important to place important keywords relevant to the page on the front of the title tag.

Apart from the tag, accurate meta-description, page title and headers are also equally vital in improving click through rates. Just like in titles, only 150-160 characters fit in the SERPs so make sure to keep it within this limitation.


Creating quality content

As the phrase ‘content is king’ is used time and again, this can’t be anything but truer. Because it is the way that can help you set apart from the others, attract the attention, and let people find you.

Having quality content can be a great way of attracting the visitors to your site. It can be anything from a plain textual content to images to videos. When you provide such useful and relevant content in your site, visitors can come to your site whenever they run a search query. This is why you always need to focus on providing content that provides value to the visitors and sharing it via different social channels. At the same time, you also need to ensure not to stuff keywords in your content to put off both the search engines and users.


Building quality links

A webpage is considered important when there is number of quality links pointing to that page. Yes, these links are one of the key ranking factors in Google because Google ranks your site based on the recommendation done by the third parties. Such quality links coming from the authoritative sites to your site will only lead to secure high rankings.


Fast loading speed

Web pages with fast loading speed earn more links and thus earn more engagement on them. It is indicated that Google’s algorithm takes this loading speed as a ranking signal when ranking sites. In case of low speed, the pages will have high bounce rates which certainly affect your rankings. For instance, when you visit a site as a user, you will certainly get irritated if the page takes too much time to load. As a result, you exit that page leaving you with a little sour user experience.


Update your content regularly

People always search for fresh content. The fresh content also encourages engagement and helps in driving traffic and generating leads. This is why you always ensure to update your site with fresh content regularly.