How to Increase your Website’s Domain Authority

Domain authority (DA) is a metric developed by Moz that gives the best prediction on how high can a domain rank in the search engines. This metric is mostly based on many factors. This is why when determining DA, factors like linking root domains, total backlinks, Moz Rank, Moz Trust, user experience, quality content, social media indicators, etc should be combined together

Generally, a DA ranges from 0-100 where authoritative sites like Google and Facebook have a full score. However, getting up to that mark can be very difficult and shouldn’t worry if you scored ranging from 30-60. That’s because these average scores still acts as a vital factor in your rankings.

Gone are the days when page rank used to rule, today it is all about domain authority. Today, I will be mentioning some simple ways that can help you improve your domain authority in this post.

How to Increase your Website's Domain Authority

Gain quality links

To boost your domain authority, you first need to have links coming from high quality sites. Still, you also need to understand that the links coming from a same site can be very harmful and it is best to go for link diversity.

Link diversity is a term that is used for deciding the range of links coming to your website from different sites. For maintaining the diversity, you need to focus on getting do-follow links from various sites which has actual value to improve your rankings in SERPs. Writing shareable content and publishing in guest’s blogs can be a very effective way of earning links.

Remove bad links

Bad links are those low-quality backlinks linking to your site which can harm your site. Because of this, getting rid of all the bad links should be your first priority. All you need to do is check the links the bad links that are linked to your site and request Google Webmaster Tools to remove them.

If you wait around for Webmaster tool to send you message on your link profile cleaning, it may be too late and your site may be penalised. Thus, it is best for you to check frequently, spot the bad links and remove them immediately.

Focus on on-page SEO

If you wish to improve your DA, you need to have an effective on-page SEO. For this, you should ensure to have site structure, URL structure, meta title, tags, keywords, and content in place. Finally, when you optimise all these factors, it helps search engines to crawl your site easily.  This leads to build a solid foundation for your authority improvement over time.

Update quality content

A high-quality content plays a very important role in improving your domain authority. If you ask why? Then, it’s because content is directly related to it. You need to ensure to produce and publish original content that gives out value to your users. Also, Remember, such quality content is not only preferred by your users but by search engines too.

From infographics to videos to highly-enriched text content with images, you should publish them consistently. You can also write articles on your niche which can lead your readers to trust your site. In return, they are mostly likely to share your content leading to a lot of inbound links and good social presence. Hence, this provides a huge advantage for your site to increase your authority.

Strong internal linking

Having a deep internal linking helps you site to rank well in the search engines. For this reason, you should focus on building internal pages with relevant keywords and link it to other pages of your site. When doing internal linking, never use same phrase but use variations in keywords. For instance, if you publish blog posts on daily basis, don’t always link back to your site’s homepage but link back to other popular pages of your site too.

At the same time, you need to ensure all the links are working properly. In the long run, this helps in ranking of your individual pages and building authority for all of them.

Build social media presence

Social media optimisation is one of the best ways to enhance your website exposure. You should start up with creating major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and so on. After creating accounts, participating actively in these platforms becomes even more important.

Being active on social media means you should post status updates about your services, blogs and sometimes also share influential articles from others related to your industry. Doing this helps to reach a wider audience and create a brand name for your business. Consequently, your site will gain a lot of popularity which gradually helps in improving the authority of your site.

Responsive design website

Nowadays, most of the people use different smart-phones and tablets besides desktops to browse the internet. This provides you a reason on why you should be having a responsive design website. Apart from this, you should also focus on your site’s speed to ensure it load time is faster. When your users can easily access your site on whatever devices they choose to browse on, your user experience will be enhanced. As a result, they are likely to come back again in the future and thus improving your traffic and establishing your DA.

Domain age

As your domain gets older, your authority tends to get higher. This means you should just wait and let it age. In the meantime, you need to continue producing high-quality content, earn quality links, build and social media presence. Ultimately, all of these things will lead to a higher domain authority.

Now, in case if you are wondering what are the tools required to check the domain authority, don’t worry as we have got covered. There are many reliable online tools available  like Open Site Explorer from Moz and Problogger.Net that helps to check the DA. Also‚ verify your authority score. you just need to enter your domain’s address.

Website with a good domain authority can rank higher in search engines and is likely to get more organic traffic. Thus, we strongly recommend you to keep all these points in mind and incorporate these methods to improve your domain authority starting from today.