How to Find Your Target Audience on Facebook

A business must know its target audience and the place to find them. If a business isn’t selling to its target audience, what is the point of all its products? Who is it going to sell its products to? Who is going to buy the products? The internet is inarguably the best way to reach out to a wide population. With the growth in social media, it is even easier, cheaper and effective. This makes it a goldmine in business but only if you know how to excavate that.

In social media sites, Facebook is the leading giant with over 800 million monthly active users. Every day, newbie businesses are jumping into this bandwagon. The common trend is to setup a page and post updates regularly. However, they fail to realise that they will not be getting anticipated resuts without a strategy in a short time.

Well, this doesn’t have to happen to you too. Every business has at least some idea about who its target audience is. Another equally important part is to know where to find them on social media platforms. Here, we will be discussing exactly that to enhance your social media marketing capabilities, particularly on Facebook.

Identify your target audience

If you want to outshone yourself among your competitors, few minutes of reflection on who your target market is will not enough. In this vigorous world, you need to look into a lot of factors. You have to invest your time and energy to understand who your target audience is at a stronger level.You have to create a mental picture of your ideal customer. You have to identify their demography regarding their age, gender, residence, interests, career, social status, income level and more. Once you get a detailed idea on this after a complete research, you can understand how your prospects behave on social media. Then, you’ll know where and how to find them.

Listen more

Social media marketing is more listening and less talking. It’s a knack that will help you earn your audience. You can start by scanning your competitors’ products first, listen to what people are saying about those products and how they are reviewing it. Doing this will provide you an insight into the customers’requirements. Moreover, it gives an insight into who your customers actually are by weighing in on the type of people participating in the product discussion. For instance, you can look into your competitors’ Facebook fan page and get the drift of the people engaged at the page. This fine tactic will help you even further to assort your target audience.

Audience insights

This is a tool inbuilt in Facebook itself to help to know about your target audience a little better. Here is a quick link to the tool:

You can use search queries to get results. For instance, if you type in “Game of Thrones”, it will show you information about the people who like pages related to the Game of Thrones series. This information can include what other pages they like, what their gender is, where their location is, what their occupation is, what their fields of interests are etc. You can also add other options like education, relationship status and so on as per your preference.

Facebook search

Not many know this but Facebook search itself is a very powerful tool. You can get really specific results from Facebook’s search bar. Some examples of searching are:

  • Groups of people who play Clash of Clans
  • Music liked by people who like Adele
  • Pages liked by men over the age of 20 who like Call of Duty

Yes, you can get that specific. However, we would recommend you to loosen up a bit on the specifics. For example, you may be sure that only men over the age of 20 would prefer playing Call of Duty but if you loosen up your search to “Pages liked by people who like Call of Duty”, the results may pleasantly surprise you. It can open you up to a larger target audience.


A hashtag in social media is an octothorpe (#) followed by a word or words or letter or letters or numbers without any space in between. It turns the characters that follow “#” into a searchable direct link. For instance, if I want to see a post related to expansion plans of the Heathrow airport, I would search for the hashtag “#HeathrowExpansion”, which would give me related search results. It is an effective way to see who chimes in on your business related topics. This is another simple and instant way to find your target audience on Facebook.

You now have some notion on how to utilise Facebook services and tools to find your target audience. With some practice, time and analytical skills, you will be attracting customer traffic to your business in no time.