Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

1. Why do I need SEO?
To rank better in search engines. Research show that people usually click the web search results from the first page for their search query. Better ranking will deliver more traffic to your website.

2. How much do I need to spend for SEO?
This question doesn’t have a definite answer. The bottom line is, the more you spend your time and money on SEO, more likely you will get a better rank in search engine.

3. Does good content necessarily mean higher ranking?
The answer is no, not always. Your success is not always guaranteed because there are other websites like yours, with as good content as yours. Everyone wants to be on top of search engines these days. Local SEO is more likely to be successful in this regard. Please take your time reading our Blog on local SEO.

4. Should I hire SEO company that guarantees the success of my SEO campaign?
No one can guarantee that. SEO is not a science or mathematics that can guarantee success. There are many SEO scammers these days operating from overseas. Please make sure that you do not fall into such trap. It’s generally a good idea to hire SEO company that operates within the country’s territory.

5. How long does it take to see my web page on top of Google?
Months, weeks and sometimes years. The success of SEO campaign depends on various factors like your competition, resources allocated for SEO, the age of your website, and backlinks.

6. How do I know if my SEO company is updating my website regularly?
Ask them to send weekly reports. That’s what we do even when our clients forget to mention this. If your website is penalized by google, you will be the one to face the consequences, not your SEO company.

7. Will I get a higher ranking if I have ads running on my website for additional revenue?
No. Google has a special algorithm to detect ads. If your website has too many ads and is not user-friendly, your website will be pushed to 2nd or 3rd page.

8. Can social media boost my ranking in search engines?
Social media marketing has its place, but it won’t boost your overall search engine ranking. Google still uses backlink to rank your web page.

9. But wait! What exactly is a backlink?
An incoming hyperlink from one page to another. The backlink that points back to your website, which will be used by google as an indicator of its popularity, and eventually in Search engine ranking.

10. Does PageRank matter to SEO?
It doesn’t have as much impact as other pieces of relevancy like domain age, name, competition, domain extension, anchor text, search query chain, etc.

11. How often should I publish fresh contents to my web page?
More fresh contents mean more chances to rank in new keywords and more traffic. But many people tend to cover the same topic over and over again. The search engine will filter out your site. It’s generally a good idea to publish one or two articles per week.

12. Does the location of backlink matters?
Yes, if your business is based in the UK, the back-links must also come from websites within the country. It’s OK to have backlinks from sites located abroad on rare occasions, but most of the incoming links should come from the websites hosted within your own country.

13. Can you do SEO for free?
No, if you seriously want to improve your search engine rank, you will need the expertise of a professional. They don’t work for free.