Best practices for PPC advertising

Pay per click or PPC advertisement is a great way to attract visitors when you need traffic. If audiences are searching for the key phrases on which you have placed a well written ad, you will get clicks the moment the ad is activated. You’ll be charged with small fee every time your ad is clicked, sending a visitor to your website.

When your PPC ad campaign is well designed and running smoothly, the fee you have to pay will be nominal. That’s because the visit is worth more to your business than what you pay for it. Today, we will be sharing you some of the best practices to run your PPC advertising campaign and provide you with great outcome.

Enable extensions across your campaigns

Try giving added benefit to your ads. Ad extensions have huge impact on your paid search performance as they are simple to set up and free to display. You will find several ad extensions available in AdWords, such as location, call, product, but sitelinks is one of the easiest extensions you will come across. It makes additional links in the ad more relevant.

Use action oriented keywords for relevancy

In order to make your ad more relevant, use keywords in your ad. You can apply advanced technique of dynamic keyword insertion which automatically inserts the keyword into the ad. A bit of message in custom URL after the slash would be helpful to the viewers though it isn’t a real page. And, the most important is the landing page and its content. Your landing page must prove what it claimed to provide visitors in the ad otherwise your PPC ad is not going to work.

Attract searchers with offers and calls to action

The primary goal of your PPC ad should be to gain the searcher’s attention at a glance. There would be a lot of competitors in the industry, so it is your responsibility to advertise in such a way that your audience could distinguish you and your competitors and make a decision to click your ad. You may include unique benefits and offers in your ad to attract visitors.

For instance, you can offer free delivery, percentage off on product and paperwork processing in lesser time. A call to action statement encourages searchers to take the next step after going through your ad. You can include various options like buy now, register now, free 30 days trial and so on. Since this concept is related with a sense of urgency, it is a powerful concept to apply.

Following editorial guidelines

In order to approve and post your advertisement as long as you wish you are suppose to follow certain rules and guidelines that are very important. Keep these few guidelines in mind and you won’t be bogged down. Only one exclamation mark is allowed by Google in the ad text and must not appear in the title. Superlatives are not allowed in ad text and display URL should match destination URL.

Analyse performance, continue testing and optimise constantly

You can’t sit back and relax, once you’ve established your PPC ad. You should strive for the better performance of your ad. For that you need to analyse its performance continuously, as we know that nothing is constant, you must evaluate opportunities and threats and act accordingly. To check the progress, AdWords Performance Grader would be handy for you. It is a comprehensive free tool which helps evaluate how your PPC ad is performing in terms of quality score, ad optimisation, impression share and click through rates. It also suggests you how to improve your PPC ad performance and save money as well.