7 Tips to Boost Your Web Traffic

Do you ever feel like you are not getting enough traffic to your website?
We all know that there is a very serious problem to many business owners like you,-lack of web traffic. Most of the business owners are fed up with a small amount of web traffic they get, despite their substantial effort.
Are you one of those owners who is looking for some of the most effective ways to ensure maximum web traffic? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Today, we are going to give you some tips on how to boost your web traffic and get maximum sales.

1. Research your current statistics

Yes, you must know your present web traffic status before you try to boost anything at all. Analyse how much of your effort has come to fruition and by how much you fall short from reaching your set target.
Set up Google Analytics if you have not done so already.

Then evaluate your web traffic report on Google analytics.

Focus on key metrics like Unique visitors, Page per visits, Average time spent on your website, Bounce rates, Traffic source etc.

2. Content marketing
Without proper content marketing, any SEO technique is less effective and is a huge waste of your time and resources. Most businessmen today, are either ignoring or are not even aware of its importance.

There are many different effective content marketing strategies.

The rule of thumb is that you must have the combination of different contents. The types of contents can range from texts to videos, podcasts, Ebooks and Blogs.
Each content should have a common goal of boosting your web traffic and should address to the target audience and their queries. The content needs to be frequently updated. The content should be included in such a way that it appeals to the target audience as well as outshine your competitor.

3. Write marketable blog titles

Writing a marketable blog is essential to succeed in generating set web traffic. The blog titles play an important role in your search engine ranking. Optimise your blog titles with keywords and catchphrases.
If you desire to make most of your blog posts and get better rank in search engines, optimised titles with applicable keywords is a must.

4. Make your contents attractive and compelling

If your contents are not compelling enough to your audiences, then they will leave your website instantly with high bounce rates. This will reflect in your Google analytics report which can be really painful to see. You can easily get rid of high bounce rates with following tips:

– Include some attention-grabbing contents. If you don’t have some compelling contents, users usually leave your website instantly.
– Use short paragraphs. Do not post long paragraphs. You can instead, divide your contents into small readable blocks.
– Review the texts. Search engines will usually disregard your article if it has a large number of misspelt words and grammatical errors.
– Use storytelling approach. Use stories to influence the readers. You can also initiate discussions on a particular topic of interest to the target audience.

5.Use images and media to grab the user’s attention

Proper selection of an image is essential. A properly selected image alongside your content, which has the ability to justify your texts, can boost your web traffic significantly. If the content looks more interesting, it will compel the visitors to engage with your website.
As we told before, use the combination of videos, images and texts to grab the attention of your audiences. You might not even have to look that hard for an image to use because the chances are; you already have a suitable image just lying around, that goes perfectly well with your content.

6. Internal linking

Internal linking also has its place and is important from the viewpoint of an audience. Internal linking means adding links from one page redirecting to the other page within your own website. Internal linking help users to navigate around easily as they can click useful links from one single page to the other.
Also, keep developing more fresh contents so that you would have plenty of things to link. Linking meaningless contents usually do more harm than good.

“Better link equals to more web traffic whereas completely unrelated link equals to bad traffic.”

7. Email marketing

One more thing which should not be left out is email marketing. It can be one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal. Send emails about news and offers. The newsletter is one of the most common forms of email marketing. The email newsletter is more like a traditional newspaper than a sales tool. It should offer free contents to the users free from any of your own sales promotions directly.
Your primary intention should be delivering contents. Never try to overwhelm the audiences by flooding their inbox with your sales pitch all over the place.
Provide them contents on regular basis and let them decide whether to visit your website.