6 Common SEO mistakes to avoid

In this era of digital marketing, your business needs to have an active online presence to make the most out of it. Today, SEO has become an important factor to boost that online presence and improve conversions. However, new and inexperienced online marketers tend to make some common SEO mistakes that can cost dearly to the businesses.

Here is a list of SEO mistakes that will surely damage your site’s rankings.

1. Duplicate content

When you reproduce another person’s work as your own, it is infinitely plagiarism. This is a tactic that needs to be avoided by all the online marketers. The downside of having duplicate content in your entire website is it will lead search engine to stop crawling and indexing your site which can make your website suffer from low rankings. This is why you should always focus on creating original content that is not found in any other websites. This will help you in getting better rankings and thus traffic to your site.

On the other hand, you can use a canonical link element in your website for reducing the content duplication.

2. Keyword stuffing

The strategy of using many keywords repeatedly on an each individual page of a website worked in the past but this practice doesn’t work anymore. Now, the search engines have become smarter and can easily detect keyword stuffing in any page of your website with the help of engines’ algorithms. If they do find stuffed keywords, it will make your website look spammy and seriously affect the rankings of your website.

3. Low quality content

Google ranks websites with relevant, informative and unique content higher, so adding a valuable content should be your top priority. When writing quality content for your site, you should keep both search engines and the interests of the users in mind. Text content with supporting images, videos and infographics also adds value to your website and helps in your website’s rankings. Not only a good content helps to increase your site’s credibility but also helps to generate more traffic.

4. Avoiding Google Analytics

You cannot expect a positive result from a SEO campaign if you do not know how to measure and evaluate the data of your website. This is why it is very important to have Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts to keep track about the traffic on your website, measure the performances and make strategies accordingly.

5. Broken links

Sometimes, links can be broken and may not work. If broken links are found in the entire website or just the single page of your site, it may take your users to another place than intended and may lead to a bad user experience. Therefore, you should always ensure to check if all the links are working or not and fix them immediately.

6. Not mobile-friendly

We do not have to tell you how important smartphones and tablets have become on our lives. The number of mobile users keep soaring high than ever. So, having a website that isn’t optimised to be used in mobile and tablets can make you lose out your potential clients browsing from these devices.

If you want to get positive results from the SEO, make sure you always keep them in mind and always avoid it. If you have already made any of these blunders, do not panic and get in touch with a professional SEO expert today.