6 Common Link Building Mistakes to Avoid

Link building plays a important role in the search engine optimisation campaign. But, earning links can be a time-consuming and requires a lot of hard work. And, sometimes, people tend to make mistakes unknowingly when generating links which can harm their site’s rankings.
So, in this post, we have accumulated some common link building mistakes that website owners ought to avoid at all times.

Links from bad reputation site

Getting back-links from irrelevant and bad reputation websites is one of the most common mistakes that website owners make. When you get links from irrelevant websites, those links will only affect your site’s rankings and credibility. Therefore, you should always try to avoid this mistake and get natural back-links from relevant sites only.

Buying links

Buying links can actually harm your business in a long run. Even though buying links can increase your ranking and drive traffic for some time, it increases the risk of getting caught and penalised by the Google. Thus, you should ensure to earn natural links from high-quality websites.

Backlinks with no-follow attribute

Nofollow backlinks are of no use for your website. If you want to know why? Then, it is because simply Google doesn’t count them as links. Moreover, this attribute tells search engines not to crawl that specific link. As a result, your site will not get any link juice from the sites you are linking.
On the other hand, Google values dofollow backlinks. So, it is best you always focus on acquiring dofollow links for your site.


Getting lots of backlinks at short period of time

When you generate a lot of back-links at a short time, such links will not count as quality back-links. While links earned naturally is considered of great value, links that are earned quickly will be regarded as spammy links by the Google.


Links with useless anchor text

When you are planning to build links, using proper anchor text is very important. This is because when you use exact anchor text like Click here or go to over and over again, it will be of no use. Consequently, this can cause your site to lose its rankings in SERPs which is definitely not a good sign for your business.


Ignoring the social signals

Google values the links to a website earned from the major social networks. This means you have to be active in all of the popular social channels in order to vocalise your brand and engage with your visitors. Ignoring the power of social media will let you lag behind your competitors so never shy away from these media.

Without the links, your site will not be able to get high rankings you wish for. That’s why it is very important for you to avoid these mistakes and do the link-buidling in a right manner.