5 Best Social Bookmarking Sites


Bookmarking is the practice of saving websites’ link which you can view later and access in your browser. But, when it comes to ‘social’ bookmarking, it allows you save links which you can share and comment and access them anywhere you go. Additionally, you can also use tags to find out the links for the articles and web pages you want to read and save.

Over the years, social bookmarking has evolved and has become a powerful tool for businesses as it helps them to build links, brand and draw a lot of traffic. Thus, anyone wanting to get best out of the social bookmarking, it is important you know about the best ones in the web.
Let’s have a look at the social bookmarking sites that are the prominent today.


Like any other social bookmarking site, this tool allows you to save web address of a website which you would to visit later. This tool helps to organise items which you want to share with others by searching for the content you are interested in using tags and filtering content.


With a page rank of 8, you can submit and share content with interesting title and description under different categories in Digg. This also makes it easy for you to search and find information on a particular topic. Since a lot of readers use Digg to search links for articles, videos and images, add your best content out there but make sure not to submit it too frequently.

Stumble upon

Stumbleupon is one of the popular social bookmarking sites boasting million users which allow adding links of your website content. It also allows you to share other user’s articles you have saved and vote for them. Hence, this PR 8 site can be a very valuable source for attracting links and generating traffic.


One of the best sources for stories, videos and discussion, Reddit has a slogan called ‘front page of the internet’. This tool lets the users vote and comment on the content shared by the users. As there are sub-reddits (categories) on Reddit, you should post your content on the relevant sub-reddit to ensure your link doesn’t get downvoted and lost in the pool of other updates. But, when users upvote your posts and comments, it will add as a value to your profile.


Tumblr is the underrated social network because people mostly don’t see the opportunities in this platform. But with billions page views a month, you should definitely give it a try. As this site is more inclined towards visuals, you can combine humorous visuals and promotion that can help you get more engagement. From memes to GIFs, you can add them with tags to get noticed.

Another important thing, Reddit is very strict about spam, it is best you only share genuine links.